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About me

I'm a 18 years old computer science student at IIS B. Castelli in Brescia and the next year I'm going to attend Computer Science University in Milan.

After a month of stage in a company, I started to get interested in server-side programming, mainly using JavaScript (NodeJS), and non-relational databases (MongoDB).
Despite that, I continued to deepen my knowledge in other languages ​​(Java, PHP, SQL) and framework (SpringBoot, ReactJS, Angular) too.

Recently I also developed a simple application using Python which transfers data from an Arduino to various clients, using the MQTT protocol, for remote temperature control, all managed by a Raspberry P3.

On GitHub I am quite active, I publish most of my projects and I also contribute to other repositories. The last one is Alexa's Skill for Rocket.Chat, which is a software solution for team chats, during the Google Summer of Code 2019.

Moreover, since I bought the Echo Dot, I'm getting more and more interested in ​​virtual assistants and therefore the development of VUI applications, such as Twitter for Alexa ("Birder" on the Amazon Store).
This also allowed me to get closer to Amazon and Google's cloud solutions. In particular, on the one hand Lambda functions, Cloudwatch and EC2 instances, on the other hand the Firebase environment. I also tried other PaaS services like Heroku and Zeit (Now).

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